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Keto Cheese Puff Recipe

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

These Keto Cheese Puffs are an absolute life saver when it comes to beating the cravings for chips or popcorn. They are very simple to make, and remind me a lot of Cheetos or Moon Cheese. Next time you're craving that salty, cheesy, crunch give these a try!


Total Time: 2 Minutes to 3 days depending on which method you follow.


Due to the variety of cheese that can be used, it's impossible to know what the macros for yours will be. Weigh the cheese before you pop it, and consult the packaging in order to get an accurate macro count.



(Ingredients can be purchased by clicking on the green link)

  • 4 Ounces of hard cheese. (I have used mimolette, manchego, aged gouda, parmesan, etc)

  • Salt to taste


Ingredients purchased through Amazon affiliate links support the site. See Affiliates page for more information


Let's Do This:

Method 1:

This method will be using the outer rind of the cheese. See video for depiction.

  1. Remove any wax or coating from the rind.

  2. Cut cheese into 1/4 inch cube, or sticks.

  3. Place on PARCHMENT paper (not wax paper) on a plate. Add salt if desired.

  4. Microwave for 20-40 seconds. When the popping stops, remove the cheese.

  5. Adjust cook time so that they are crunchy, but not burnt. I recommend testing with 1 piece at a time until you find the cook time for your specific cheese and microwave setup.

Method 2:

This method involves using the whole block of cheese, but will take several days.

  1. Follow steps 1 & 2 from Method 1.

  2. Place the cheese pieces on a cookie sheet

  3. Generously salt

  4. Place in fridge for 2-3 days

  5. Follow steps 4 & 5 from Method 1


How We Did it!

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