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Keto Southwest Skillet

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

There are some days when I don't feel like cooking. This is my go-to, quick and easy, meal. It's perfectly keto and can be made in 10 minutes.


Total Time: 10 minutes

Servings 4


Calories: 420 Fat: 32g Net Carb: 3.6g Protein: 27g



(Ingredients can be purchased by clicking on the green link)

Spice Blend: 1/2 tsp of the following:


Ingredients purchased through Amazon affiliate links support the site. See Affiliates page for more information


Let's Do It!

  1. Brown ground beef in a skillet with garlic and chilis.

  2. Add spice blend.

  3. Stir in drained miracle rice or Konjac noodle

  4. 6 oz diced tomatoes.

  5. Top with cheese.

  6. Broil until cheese is melted.

  7. Enjoy!


How We Did It!

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Just tried the southwest skillet. Very flavorful. The entire family loved it.

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