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Documenting My Keto Journey While Showing You How To Succeed On Yours

About Us
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Black Sheep Keto was founded in 2017 as a place to share my knowledge, experiments, and recipes while on the ketogenic diet. Though most of my information is explained through videos on YouTube, we publish on many other mediums. Our goal is to educate people on the keto diet and show them how to succeed through experience and delicious recipes. Look around and enjoy.


What We Do


We work hard to bring you the best keto recipes for the foods that you miss.

Want to see what a day in the life of someone on a ketogenic diet looks like? The VLOGS show you what we do.

We get our hands on the latest products in the keto industry to review for all of you.

Sometimes we are able to get a discount to share with all of you. If you're interested in trying a product, these can save you $$$.




Tom is the owner and founder of Black Sheep Keto. After trying every diet under the sun, he turned to the ketogenic diet in late 2015 in order to lose over 125 lbs. After his success on keto, Tom made it his mission to help others succeed at losing weight when nothing else has worked.

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Tom, Founder of Black Sheep Keto


Liv handles much of the filming and makes sure that Tom doesn't screw it up too badly. She is also the official Taste Tester of Black Sheep Keto. Liv started the ketogenic in late 2017 after realizing that her weight limited her ability to perform tasks that used to be easy. Since then, she has lost over 60 lbs and continues to live a healthy lifestyle.

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Liv, @burgers.and.bikinis, Black Sheep Keto


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7995 Blue Diamond Rd. STE 102-301, Las Vegas, NV, 89178

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